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Long Term Care (LTC) Program

The Kern Health Systems (KHS) Long Term Care (LTC) Program serves to evaluate and manage the health care provided to Kern Family Health Care (KFHC) members requiring LTC services. LTC services are provided utilizing available resources across a continuum of care and in collaboration with members, caregivers, medical home providers, and ancillary health care providers. 

The LTC Program assures that: 

  1. The service setting is suitable for our members 
  2. Service is given at the appropriate time 
  3. The number and quality of services provided are appropriate
  4. Members have access to the providers and care they need

What LTC Covers:

KFHC members shall receive all medically necessary services and get the correct level of care as established by their doctor such as:

  • Short term skilled care (also called skilled nursing or post-acute rehabilitation)
  • Long term care in a home or group setting
  • LTC/Skilled nursing facility
  • Subacute care
  • Therapy services
  • Specialized rehabilitative services

We consider the individual needs of our member such as comorbid conditions, behavioral health, and activities of daily living (ADL) management needs that might exist and the ability of our local service providers to provide the correct services for our members.

LTC Program Team:

LTC program team includes nurses, social workers, and outreach specialists. The LTC team will have a care coordinator and care team that will work with the member and health care providers to help coordinate physical health, behavioral health, developmental health, long term services and supports (LTSS), and community-based services.